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Availexe – a new generation of business consultancy

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Availexe is a new generation of business consultancy, providing highly skilled candidates to fast developing companies who have neither the time or the inclination to take the responsibilities of full-time staff.

By offering outsourcing by objective, Availexe take the ‘management-by-objective’ ethos a stage further – allowing businesses to break projects down into specific objectives and outsource those to functional experts.

Availexe have a vast and diverse resource of fully-qualified, talented candidates that companies can draw upon immediately. Availexe people have first-hand experience of senior positions in over 30 different industry sectors, have 'walked-the-walk' and are now at the interim period between working full-time and becoming self-employed.

The majority of Availexe people just happen to be women. With an extensive Facebook campaign, Availexe can recruit staff from a demographic that have successfully worked hard for the first ten years of their working life, but may have decided to start families or wish to work part-time for other reasons. Availexe offers an opportunity for this huge resource to maintain a working confidence and professional development skills – allowing a return to working life with little or no drop in personal esteem or stature.

The Power of Diversity – Government ‘diversity and inclusion’ targets are driving change for a good reason – diverse teams outperform homogenous teams and better represent the views of a global marketplace.

Equinox Partners were delighted to be acknowledged as a supplier of graphic materials to Availexe – as well as providing copywriting services. The brochure/leavepiece illustrated allows for the individual partners and customer relations staff to insert their own business cards, enhancing the personal contact that they make with their new clients.

Interested in what Availexe has to offer. Sign up on http://www.availexe.com/ and return to Equinox Partners as your own company's branding and graphic resource.

6 years ago