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More than just a Parade

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Creating projects to reach into the hearts of the community, CMS Cameron McKenna's staff contribute annually more than 16,000 hours of volunteer time. This accounts for most members of their staff providing at least 10 hours – and some even 150 hours – of their time every year.

As a lead up to the Lord Mayor's Show, the School Hat Competition allowed the primary school children of Shoreditch's Whitmore Primary School to let their imagination run riot! Supported over a period of 6 weeks by CMS volunteers, Robert Powell and Bill Dunbar, Carey English and Clare Newton from Equinox Partners directed the 10-12 year old children to interpret CMS’s core legal areas of banking, telecoms, pharma, insurance and energy through the media of papier-maché, glue, paint and glitter – with outstanding results – and just a little bit of fun. 

And finally, Fiona Woolf, as the Lord Mayor Elect, handed out certificates to the children in front of the 250 strong school. The reward for the final winners of the competition was to walk with the Cameron McKenna parade at The Lord Mayor's Show on 9th November. What a day it was for them! If somewhat wet and cold at the end of it – the children were left with a smile on their faces and memories that will remain forever.

8 years ago