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Positive Focus – Helping companies feel good about themselves

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The benefits of a company’s brand – to create memorability, trust, confidence and loyalty through a distinctive visual appearance of its products and services – brings momentum to repeat sales and encourages word-of-mouth endorsements at reduced cost to the company.

A brand also captures the essence and personality of the organisation. At the most basic level, this might be through a logostyle (Amazon.com) or particular colouration (Sainsburys:Orange / John Lewis:Green). However, it does extend to defining what a business stands for: staff with the right attitude, easy communications with customer services, courteous drivers and many other dimensions that enhances its attractiveness to its customers and public alike and affects a business’s attitude towards the way they work and behave towards their staff and suppliers, which in turn will generate benefits for the company’s stability, reduce staff turnover and enhance its Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.

We call this Positive Focus and has been generated by Equinox Partners for GlaxoSmithKline and ExCeL London's working environments.



Sir Andrew Witty, GSK's CEO, announced in November 2011 that GlaxoSmithKline’s R&D site at Ware was to be renamed in memory of Sir David Jack, a significant figure in GSK’s development as a world class pharmaceutical company. The project became a golden opportunity to enhance the GSK brand internally and also engage with and inform the 1,500 personnel at the site.

There were three opportunities to work with the GSK team:

•  Develop a visual identity for the R&D site,

•  Provide a learning opportunity for staff and visitors through a Timeline exhibition on Sir David Jack,

•  Create a permanent memorial that would provide an insight into Sir David’s contribution to the history of GSK.


GlaxoSmithKline – Visual Identity for the R&D site

The logo for the ‘David Jack Centre for Research & Development’ site was developed by Equinox Partners to be a sub-brand to the main GSK orange lozenge, which still had to feature on all materials, yet still be prominent when displayed on signs and stationary.

Many alternatives were considered, with a main preference from the client representatives being that the final result should appear in 3-dimensionsons the signage.

The initial issue was the length of the title chosen. It was suggested that, over time, the site would become referred to as the ‘David Jack Centre’ and that the R&D would be dropped colloquially, but still necessary to explain to outsiders what activities were undertaken there.

The new identity goes towards enhancing the impression that the staff have towards their working environment and provides a Positive Focus for visitors to the site.

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GlaxoSmithKline – Timeline exhibition on Sir David Jack

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These colourful panels are mounted in the common area that centres the GSK site's meeting rooms and can be viewed by all members of staff, visitors and students and provide information at a very real and personal level. A series of four acrylic panels chart the career of Sir David Jack, from his Scottish roots, through his successes as Glaxo's R&D Director, to his post-retirement work developing new asthma drugs.

The visual effects are achieved by mounting printed graphics on either side of the 10mm acrylic panels, enhancing the quality of the information and presenting a suitable memorial for this outstanding person.

GlaxoSmithKline – A permanent memorial to Sir David Jack

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Many proposals were designed and laid out by Equinox Partners, with the final result carved in Cumbrian Slate by Bobbie Fennick and featuring a low relief bronze cast of Sir David by Mark Richards.

The 1.5metre plaque is located in a prominent position within the central commissary's entrance and is regularly viewed by visitors and GSK staff alike, as a reminder of Sir David’s contribution to GlaxoSmithKline’s pantheon of pharmaceutical achievements.


ExCeL Exhibition Centre, London Docklands – Celebrating the Olympic Achievements

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In 2012, the ExCeL Centre in London Docklands became the most complex venue in the history of the modern Olympic Games. It was host to 7 Olympic and 6 Paralympic sports and contained a fleet vehicle depot, a broadcasting compound and many training venues – and was the London headquarters for the Olympics Volunteer Selection Centre.

Over 1.3 million visitors travelled to ExCeL London over the period of the Games – with the busiest day, Monday 30th July, accommodating over 70,000 spectators.

To celebrate one year on from the 2012 Games, ExCeL London commissioned Equinox Partners to utilise the Olympic and Paralympic pictograms that symbolised the disciplines held within their halls, to recognise the two key officials involved and the four Gold medal winners who contributed such success to the Games for Great Britain.

A wide variety of concepts were developed for the ExCeL team by Equinox Partners, but the final solution utilised an underused space within the venue, the 15 metre high atrium at the Prince Regent Entrance to the Boulevard features:

•  12 internally illuminated, 1 metre square waterjet cut porcelain tiles, mounted in stainless steel frames (Judo appeared in both Olympic and Paralympic Games)

•  Engaging hand castings of Boris Johnson, London Mayor; Sebastian Coe, Chairman of the British Olympic Committee; and the four Gold Medalists, Jade Jones, Nicola Adams, Luke Campbell & Anthony Joshua

•  A graphic panel with illustrations and text for each of these key Olympians, a brief synopsis of ExCeL’s achivements during the Games, plus a Roll of Honour for all the British athletes who achieved recognition at the 2012 Games.

The final installation turned an under-used space within the venue into a Positive Focus for both visitors – and employees, from the cleaners on the floor to the CEO. It celebrated ExCeL’s achievements during the 2012 Games in a novel and delightfully interactive way with the Wall now being a regular stopping off point for clients, prospects, staff and the general public.

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