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Southwark Careers Fair, The Guildhall

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April 3rd, The Guildhall, London.

When Sophie Hulm, Corporate Responsibility Manager at The City of London, invited Equinox Partners to take part in the Southwark Careers Fair, we were delighted – a chance to payback for the support we had for the Cameron McKenna Lord Mayor's Show parade we designed last year.

It was also a great opportunity to get up to do something in the public eye. So, how were we to entertain and educate 120 Year 9 & 10 students for 20 minutes at a time? 

Obvious. Set them a little design task – ‘Make a Hot Drink Carrier from a sheet of card so that it can be carried with their little finger!’ – Clare’s CupTake® Cup Carrier won her the Female Inventor of the Year Award for such a device.

My initial words highlighted the connection between the students, their iPhones and Britain’s famous Apple designer, Jonathan Ive – providing a brief introduction to the design world for them to consider.

Clare then set the kids the brief – with interesting results! Not all the students grasped the concept of what was required of them, but eventually we had one or two notable successes. Without doubt, though, the enthusiasm was there, though it appeared many of them were used to working in a team rather than as individuals.

The final 5 minutes of the session was used to testing the devices for weight-carrying and suitability – luckily we decided not to test the devices ‘wet’. A simple bottle of water told us all we needed to know!

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A big thanks to Susie Duffy and Lulzim Osmani from Southwark Education Business Alliance (http://www.southwarkeba.org.uk/), Rob Miller of Bridge & Company (http://www.bridgestationery.com) for supplying the stationery materials and Carey English for helping out on the day!

See us in action on YouTube at 0.54  (http://bit.ly/1il22AF)






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