Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Carbon ’footprint’ consciousness. Equinox Partners are locally-based to the City of London in a purpose-built home-office environment - so no commuting.

Being close to East London Overground and British Rail lines, as well as a significant number of bus routes, travel is mainly by public transport. Bicycles are used frequently for local journeys to the City, if appropriate. If a private car is used for business we have a policy of not entering the Congestion Zone during working hours.

We comply, wherever possible, with Hackney Recycling (material separation) requirements to reduce landfill waste.

Sustainability and ethical production of printed materials. We will recommend and advise on materials, cut costs by designing out waste and advise on the specification of recycled or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sustainably sourced papers that are produced using an Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) process. Inks used in the digital print process are biodegradable and lithographic process inks are vegetable oil-based.

As an example, our own office stationery (CX22) is certified carbon-neutral and produced elementally chlorine-free - and is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sourced.

We are aware of the environmental impacts of our operations and will balance business aims with the need to protect the local and global environment. It is our duty to ensure that we comply with environmental legislation and that good environmental management is practised in all our activities and we will seek to influence our clients and associates to demonstrate the same positive environmental commitment.

The objective of this policy is to make clear our aims to continually improve our environmental performance across all of our operations, supported by specific objectives and targets – our aim is to provide a clear and well-structured strategy for reducing our environmental impact as much as practically possible.

Our full Environmental Policy is available on request.