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The AP Haslam News Update Magazine and Advertorial

A campaign was launched to fully educate the client base with all the aspects of AP Haslam’s capabilities from building fully compliant ‘Ex’ Fireproof equipment boxes to the supply and design specification consultancy on energy efficient industrial LED lighting.

The individual articles were planned to be rolled out through the Trade Press both in Southern and Northern Ireland.

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APHaslam Ads & Catalogue

Development of the advertisements rolled out across a range of products and suppliers. The Company’s product catalogue had been in production for 2 years, but needed a dynamic, impactful cover with immediate ‘call-to-action’ contact details and map.

Co-branding supported the APH brand with offerings from major industry names such as Cembre, Weidmüller, MoFlash & WISKA. AllCables, a cable assembly company with their own brand, were acquired by APH and brought in-house as part of their ‘Workshop’ proposition.

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The AP Haslam Workshop

As part of their service to Ireland’s electrical contractors, the AP Haslam Workshop provides bespoke and fully safety checked assemblies of control and relay boxes, earth bars and hazardous area approved equipment.

The AP Haslam Workshop is significant enough to the business to warrant it’s own sub-branding – and to justify a handout leaflet as a sales leave-piece and exhibition brochure. A uniform branded polo shirt reinforces the Workshop team’s esprit de corps.

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Catalogue Extracts

As part of the education of their clients into the diversity of AP Haslam’s product range, the individual articles extracted from the new brochure were planned to be rolled out through the Electrical Trade Press in both Southern and Northern Ireland.

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APHaslam Employee Manual

As part of a brand’s management, all aspects of a company’s materials should identify and refer to the visuals created.

A brand is not only there to reinforce a customer’s loyalty, but to provide confidence and generate loyalty within the members of staff also.

In this case, the proposal was for the generation of an Employee Manual that fitted with the guidelines that Equinox Partners had created.

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