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E- Christmas cards are boring, cheap and, even if they are not deleted by spam-filters, they leave a poor impression. Real businesses make the effort and show their clients, and potentials, that they care.

Christmas is a great time to connect with your clients – even if it is just a Christmas card.


Glamorous cards, pop-up pencil pot (2012), clock (2013) and calendar (2014) for Fisher Partners were all developed, packed and delivered by Equinox Partners.

They arrived on Fisher Partners’ clients desks, flat packed in brilliant, sparkly blue bubble envelopes.

Consider the printed French chocolates. White chocolate images printed onto deliciously dark chocolate tablets wrapped in a bespoke card envelope – a truly memorable gift and found in high-end hotels and haut couture houses around the world.

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Andrew Segal moved to WSM Marks Bloom in Kingston-upon-Thames and still continued with his Christmas promotional projects every year, allowing Equinox Partners to arrange all the production and mailing of annual calendars, Christmas cards and accountant-friendly promotional items.

As a fan of Art Deco, Andrew’s seasonal greetings feature early 20C artists of the genre, and bring colour and joy to all concerned.

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