The Royal Foundation of St Katharine

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St Katharine’s History Timeline

Equinox Partners’ proposal for the History of The Royal Foundation of St Katharine features three 10mm acrylic panels invisibly mounted to the wall of the recently refurbished library.

The history naturally reads from left to right – and features a timeline of the Royal Foundation’s Queen Consorts from 1147 to the present day.

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Opening with a background history of the martyrdom of St Katharine of Alexandria from the 4th century – and a brief definition of the original term ‘hospital’ – the narrative moves on to the early establishment of the Church and Hospital next to The Tower of London.

The illustrations record, with an old map, the early layout of St Katharine’s and some of the valuable possessions and relics still in the archives of the Foundation. The enforced move to Regent’s Park by the need for the City of London to build a secure dock area by Thomas Telford is followed by the Foundation’s final return to East London after WW2.

The section illustrates the architects’ proposal for the development of the site into a community hub and social housing for public sector workers, and to celebrate the return of St Katharine’s to London’s East End.

The installation has a degree of future-proofing. The third and final panel, featuring the late Queen Elizabeth II and the site’s proposed developments, can be changed to match circumstances as required.

For more on the History of St Katharine’s please visit our blog page:

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