British Telecom International

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BTI Satellite Equipment

British Telecom International

British Telecom’s international expertise in satellite technology could be enlarged to a global scale and the floatation of the company, separate to the old GPO, was a very real proposition.

To see what we did in the Goonhilly Station Control Room view :

In preparation, the electronic equipment that had been developed over the years was branded as BTI and production methods developed. It was not to be. As a major source of income to the organisation, BTI remained the mainstay of BT’s telecoms transmission business.


BTI Satellite Station Equipment

The BTI corporate branding was applied to equipment with the development of a palette of colours and graphic styles.

Shown here is the typical electronic equipment rack found beneath a satellite dish, with control equipment and up-link and down-link mimic panels for the aerial, developed and designed by Michael Taylor to the new BTI Design Guidelines.

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