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A new theatre for Finsbury Park

Jeremy Bond of FMCI was a close friend and client of Equinox Partners – an avid theatre buff – and he wanted to create a legacy theatre in North London. So when a vacant office building came up for sale in Clifton Terrace, N4, it was the perfect opportunity.

The skilled theatre architects provided inputs from The National Theatre and The Donmar Warehouse, but Jeremy wanted us to develop  our own visuals on the building to make it outstanding, as a place of recreation should be.

One of three proposals we made to Jeremy and the Theatre’s Trustees. Green. Fins. Gedditt?


We saw that it was important that the graphic signage should be visible along the road from the major transport hub at Finsbury Park to the left of the building, as you see it here.

There are also residential properties to the right, so these needed to be shielded from any glare.

Thus it was suggested that the first floor glass-fronted bar area should include an angled wall bearing the visuals, viewed through the glass, which would then connect to the illuminated outside ‘fins’. Great impact at night-time – without disturbing the residential neighbours next door!

Our thanks to our dear acquaintance, Paul Davenport, for his contribution on this.


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Concepts for Park Theatre

How to create a Park that is not a Park? The stained glass effects add dynamics to a sector not known for its colourful approaches.

I would like to thank Paul Davenport for his significant contribution to this project.


Theatre Stationery

A colourful and vibrant approach to the theatre’s presentation, but maybe a bit too corporate?

I would like to thank Paul Davenport for his significant contribution to this project.

PARK GALA Montage 1920px

Park Gala Brochure

Whilst Equinox Partners didn’t get the final branding work for Park Theatre, we were happy to contribute to the foundation’s success.

Every year the Park Theatre holds a Gala Evening and Charity Auction for the great and the good of the Theatre World.

Many large ‘experiences’ are donated by sponsors, ranging from a ‘Meal out with Benedict Cumberbatch’ to a ‘£30,000 cruise for 10 people’ on a Mediterranean catamaran. Many, many other prizes had been donated in the Spot Prize Raffle and every experience and prize had to be described in the snazzy Gala Brochure that Equinox Partners art-worked and produced.

On this occasion the event was hosted by Clive Anderson, Lawyer & TV celebrity and I managed to get to sit next to actress Barbara Flynn. Be still, my beating heart!

The evening raised over £200,000 for the Community Theatre run and organised by The Park.

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Park Theatre Signage

Because of the way theatre-goers approach Park Theatre, they miss the massive illuminated graphic on the front of the building (not something the architects had thought about).

Equinox Partners created a new Window film applied to the Gallery Bar area, so the Theatre can be identified along Clifton Terrace from Finsbury Park Station!

Printed and installed by Furnells in Manor House, just across the Park, the company later created Jeremy Bond’s memorial plaque for the theatre.

Layout 1

The Cause – Equinox Partners hits the West End

When ‘Jeremy James’ Bond decided to put on his first play, he approached the diminutive Jermyn Street Theatre, off London’s Piccadilly who were delighted to have the performances play throughout March 2016. (No, he couldn’t put it on at the theatre he founded!)

As Equinox Partners had worked with Jeremy and his financial marketing agency, FMCi (and with his Park Theatre) for many years, it was logical that we should be involved with this exciting new opportunity. We hadn’t worked on West End productions before, but we feel that we are now up there with the best of them!

Whilst we worked on bringing the dramatic elements of ‘The Cause’ to the poster, we didn’t want to give the game away as to its final dramatic conclusion. Small Photoshop tweaks ensured that the FN pistol used by Gavrilo Princip has the correct serial number and that the newspaper clippings of the day actually spelt the Archduke’s name correctly.

Last minute, late night development work by Equinox Partners on the banners and large scale posters (that had been overlooked by the production company) ensured that everything was ready on the opening night and the Jeremy could receive his presentation framed poster, signed by the cast and production crew!

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