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Brand Uplift

Tax consultants and book-keeping business solution consultants, ATEX, needed to review their brand.

The new logo generated by Equinox Partners emphasised ‘ATEX’, as that is what the company was always called by clients and the owner.


Eight years on and Everoy Johnson, the Owner, still is easily recognised when he attends network meetings through the strong brand we developed for him.

£300 was a bargain (‘mates rates’), but he still remembers it! However, the quality of our work remains long after the price is forgotten.

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ATEX Branding

A new company should get its branding right at the beginning.

The longer you hold on to a ‘owner created’ brand, the more difficult it becomes to change something that might be fundamentally flawed.

Whatever the brand looks like, that is how the clients recognise the company through its stationery, website and other media.

Make a spelling mistake right at the beginning and people remember you for it!


In this case, the original ATEX was swamped by the ‘Business Solutions’, misguided by the ABS and the incorrect grammar in the tag line.

The new strong, confident visual helped the Owner become widely recognised at meetings and events and gained confidence within his client base.

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