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When my old friend, David Roxburgh, (eternal classic car enthusiast) took on the responsibilities of becoming Secretary and Editor for the Talbot Owners’ Club, our conversations turned to the redesign of the Club Magazine – the result of which you see here.


Classic & Sports Car awarded David ‘Most Improved Club Magazine 2018’, followed by the TOC becoming ‘Club of The Year 2018′ in the Historic Motoring Awards, whilst up against Owners’ Club magazines from Ferrari and Aston Martin. No mean achievement. David has galvanised the membership by increasing the numbers by 22% and has been recognised by his superior work on the the Club website and Talbot Owners Register.

TOC Magazine

Before and After. A range of improvements to the cover presentation and text layout has helped David Roxburgh and the Talbot Owners’ Club earn accolades from across the Classic Car Club scene.

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