VISA International

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VISA DESK 1920px

Visa International Desk – Kensington High Street

Not normally associated with high tech data and currency transfers, VISA International were, at the time, based in the fashion centre of London’s Kensington High Street in the Derry & Toms building, alongside Associated Newspapers.


Roberts Weaver, best known for their Technical Interiors and Dealing Desks for City of London Money Traders, were asked to develop and build a smart desk for monitoring the international money transfers that went through VISA international’s Credit Card system. Michael Taylor was involved with the design and installation of the project while Principal Designer at Roberts Weaver.

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VISA DESK Sketch 1920px

Visa International Desk Sketch

Produced by ‘Liz the Wizz’ Allen. Excellent ‘colouring in’ as he husband calls it!


Visa International Desk

Close up of the clean lines and uncluttered finishes. All CRT monitors are hidden away behind smoked, toughened glass panels held in position by magnetic strip.

Probably all swept away as Visa transferred operations to the Paddington Basin office development.

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