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A new generation of business consultancy and recruitment

Availexe enables professional individuals with outstanding careers to return to work on a part-time basis.

Equinox Partners analysed and studied Availexe’s business, advised and wrote the copy, designed this brochure, selected the illustrations and provided the print services. Note the clip in business card that fits into the A5 brochure.

Government ‘diversity and inclusion’ targets are driving change for a good reason – diverse teams outperform homogenous teams and better represent the views of a global marketplace. Availexe have a vast and diverse resource of fully-qualified, talented candidates that can be draw upon immediately within the fields of business, finance, HR and Marketing.

Availexe people have first-hand experience of senior positions in over 30 different industry sectors. The majority just happen to be women.

“You really got under our skin to understand the company and what we are aiming for”

Chris Leighton, Availexe Founding Partner.


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