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The Diskus Dry Powder Inhaler

One of our longest standing clients, Equinox Partners have seen this pharmaceutical giant transform from Glaxo to Glaxo Wellcome, to ultimately become GlaxoSmithKline – GSK.

Our design work included assisting the Device Development Unit in their work on the Diskus Asthma Inhaler. As consultants to the DDU team at Ware in Hertfordshire, we worked closely with engineers and designers, Paul Rand, Jim Godfrey and Gregor Anderson, Michael contributing to the illustration work here and the device’s print artworks.

The patient leaflet for the device, a first that included coloured illustrations, was developed by Equinox Partners – who were then invited to produce the graphics and display cabinets for the Queen’s Award for Technology exhibition for this outstanding invention.

The Diskus is one of the most successful devices the company has produced – netting GSK £7.6bn a year.

The more recent work for GSK was a memorial to Sir David Jack and the renaming and branding of the Ware development site in Hertfordshire. Sir David was Glaxo’s Research and Development Director from 1961 to 1987 and is credited as being the major force to turning the company from a manufacturer of formula baby milk and cough lozenges to the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical organisation it is today.

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