The Ones That Got Away

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A presentation folder, with inserts representing each area of the business that INCEPTA provide insurance underwriting for, would provide flexibility and the opportunity to tailor presentations to suit their individual clients.

We also suggested inclusion of some case where INCEPTA has proven to be of exceptional worth, illustrated with a testimonial from the end client.

The brief was: ‘We do what it says on the tin’, so a straightforward message was the approach, rather than employing visual metaphors (Gorillas!) for growth or evolution that had been previously used.

The client liked the concepts but preferred to use their previous agency.

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Todd Research

A security equipment company manufacturing IED detection equipment and other scanners to protect businesses and the public. The company’s presentation needed an upgrade following a management buyout.

The lead came through a salesman frustrated by the lack of decent materials to present to potential clients.


The first item that needed addressing was the company’s logo and brand.

As Todd Research, the tag line was ‘Detect & Protect’, so why not ‘Research, Detect & Protect’ and combine all the elements without drifting too far from the existing branding?

Furthermore, the existing, disparate range of leaflets and information sheets needed to be addressed, particularly illustrations of the products, none of which were shown being used.

Although a fair amount of work was put into the concepts, the client’s terms were unacceptable to Equinox Partners.

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Volga Dnepr

An international carrier operating from Stansted Airport – and a complete outside-chance referral. Nevertheless an ‘opportunity’ for a rebranding exercise and to produce some interesting pitch work.

What was learned? Don’t pay (£25) for ‘opportunities’ from 3rd parties.

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