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Aviva Ireland Corporate Brochure

With the advent of the euro, Aviva’s European Operations moved its headquarters to Dublin and established a joint venture with Allied Irish Bank.

With their Irish marketing operation carrying AIB Bank’s branding, Aviva also marketed their own products through brokers at local level. This corporate brochure illustrated the many facets of Aviva in Ireland, as well highlighting their commitment to the Irish market through the location of their Headquarters and the sponsorship of the new Aviva Stadium at Lansdowne Road, the Home of Irish Rugby.


A Guide to Investment Funds

This Guide from Aviva Investors enables financial advisers to clearly and succinctly identify appropriate investment opportunities for their clients within Aviva’s portfolio of funds.

Working alongside their colleagues at FMCI, Equinox Partners welcomed the opportunity of working with AIB’s joint venture partner, Aviva, on various new projects at the start of 2009.

The launch of the new guide was supported by insightful materials explaining investor psychology and offering advice on how to negotiate the volatile terrain of the current ‘bear’, or declining, stock markets.

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Personal Retirement Savings Accounts

PRSAs are a major feature of the pension landscape. They are simple to understand, adaptable to changing circumstances and offer excellent value for money.

The guides and marketing materials are aimed at assisting Independent Financial Advisers in promoting these accounts every step of the way. The easy-to-read guide help employers understand forthcoming legislation about pensions and saving for the future, whilst the folders and inserts contain information on the income and benefits to IFAs.


Company Group Pensions

Employers throughout Europe are obliged to provide pensions for their staff and have become a statutory requirement.

Aviva’s easy-to-read guides, written by FMCInternational, explain to employees the very real benefits of a pension arrangement; and to company directors and trustees how to go about working with Aviva to provide the very best pension provision for their workers.

This is good example of how durable printed materials are used as a permanent, portable record of information and a reflection of the quality of service received in the current, transient, web-based environment.

Designed by Equinox Partners to Aviva guidelines.

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