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‘Pure Water Technology’ – the descriptive tagline created by Equinox Partners to reflect the unique nature of H2Ozone and their business.


When selling a complicated and expensive piece of equipment, it is essential to create materials that reflect the quality of the product, but also inform and educate the buyer, giving them confidence in their decision to purchase.

A 6-page folder provided a pocket for supporting product details and fact sheets on the H2Ozone machines, their components and the bugs and parasites they eliminated through H2Ozone’s patented technology.

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Aquatech Amsterdam is the largest water conditioning show in Europe – and the stand had been booked…

H2Ozone had arranged the exhibition contractors, but the stand designers were struggling with the technical details.


Transposing the information from the Brochures and Factsheets that Equinox Partners had already created to the display panels was a relatively easy task – and highlights the advantages of employing a designer to take materials right through to all areas of your company’s promotion. ‘No reinventing the wheel’.

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